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24th April 2020

How to Make Diwali Cards Step by Step

Celebrate the Hindu Festival of light with a gorgeously designed, hand-made card. Our beautiful, glitter coloured cards are a great way to celebrate Diwali.

Craft items required

  • A4 Black Card
  • PVA Glue
  • Glitter Glue Pens
  • Safety Ruler Scissors
  • Lead Pencil
  • A4 Paper (in your chosen colour)
  • Glue Spreader

Step one

Take a sheet of A4 black card and fold it in half.

Step two

Using the lead pencil, draw your Diwali design onto one side of the card.  We used a candle design but you could use any design you like.

Step three

Using the glitter glue pens, trace over your pencilled design using a variety of colours to create impact.

Step four

Next take your sheet of A4 paper and scissors and cut a narrow strip from one end of the paper.

Fold the strip of paper backwards and forwards on itself to create a 3D effect for the base of your candle. Trim the paper to the required length for your design.

Step five

Using your PVA glue and spreader, apply the glue to the back of your paper base.

Stick the paper candle base onto the black card underneath your ‘flame’.