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23rd April 2020

Paper Plate Halloween Crafts

Paper plate crafts are so popular and Halloween is a great time to get crafty.  These paper plate ghosts are easy to make and are so effective. Perfect for a halloween party. 

You can create various scary expressions and hang grouped together for fun Halloween excitement.

Craft items required

  • Black Card
  • Ruler Scissors
  • PVA Glue & Spreader
  • Cord/String
  • White Card
  • White Crepe Paper
  • Sticky Tape
  • White Paper Plate


  1. Take, your white card and draw two ghost like arms with hands, then cut them out and put aside.
  2. Next take the white crepe paper and using the scissors, cut 5 narrow strips. You could use tissue paper instead if preferred.
  3. Take the white paper plate and turn it over so you are looking at the back.  Stick the two arms into the centre using sticky tape.
  4. Next, using sticky tape, stick the 5 strips of crepe paper underneath the arms.
  5. Take your cord or string and cut a length. Make into a hanging loop and stick onto the back of the plate above the arms.
  6. Turn your plate over to right side up.
  7. Using the black card and scissors, cut out two ghoulish eyes and a mouth.
  8. Finally, take the PVA glue and spreader and stick the mouth and eyes onto your ghostly plate.